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What Is Your Participant Center?

The Participant Dashboard (PDB) is your fundraising hub. All donations credited to your Trek will show up here so you can always stay up to date. The PDB also serves as a great email tool and way to connect through social media. You can invite new people to join your team, ask people to support you on the ride or even  send thank you emails.

If you are a team captain you can use your Progress Dashboard (PBD) to stay in touch with your teammates progress. You can set team fundraising goals and stay posted on how your team is doing.

It’s a great resource — you just need to get started! If you have forgotten your login information (sent automatically to you on the day you registered) there is a ‘Forgot your user name?’ link you can click.

Happy Fundraising!

Participant Dashboard


Contact Steve Boswell by phone at 916 444 5900 ext. 5# or via email at [email protected].