Make a clean air pledge

What is #MyCleanAirPledge

#MyCleanAirPledge is a promise to cut down on your personal emissions and a goal to make the air cleaner for everyone in the Sacramento region. We gave out mugs labeled with #MyCleanAirPledge to influencial people all over Sacramento in health, public policy and nonprofit organizations to spread the clean air pledge. Some pledged to work from home one day a week to save vehicle emissions, some promised to ride their bike to work more, some said they would walk to get their morning coffee.

Everyone had a different way to cut down on their emissions and make Sacramento a place to breathe clean. What will you pledge to change in your life? From something small like carpooling on the way to school to a major change like trading in your old vehicle for an electric car, everyone can do something to change the air and foster healthier lungs.

Check out our Sacramento friends and partners and learn about their Clean Air pledges:

Becky Heieck
Becky Heieck – North Natomas Transportation Management Association (2018 Leadership Award)
Meg Arnold
Valley Vision Managing Director Meg Arnold (#MyCleanAirPledge is to encourage the Cap-to-Cap 2018 Air Quality team to use bikeshare!”)
SJUSD high schoolers
Breathe California board member, Chris Halleus (#MyCleanAirPledge is to bike to work every day in May!)
Valley Vision Project Manager Adrian Rehn (#MyCleanAirPledge is to commute to work via bicycle at least twice per week during the month of May!)
Breathe board treasurer Sue Schooley (#MyCleanAirPledge is to teach bike safety to children so that our next generations doesn’t rely on vehicles!)
Gi Diep Nguyen, Breathe CFO (“#MyCleanAirPledge is to take public transportation to work 90% of the time.”)