Carolyn Tran

Air Quality Programs Director

Carolyn Tran is an Environmental Studies graduate from California State University Sacramento and is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Public Financial management from California State University San Bernardino. She has spent a great amount of time visiting the land of her cultural origins, the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Her fondest memories in the serene countryside of the Mekong Delta are the vibrant fields of green and golden rice paddies tended by her family, neighbors, and villagers coming together to share their knowledge. The people there are heavily reliant on the harvest of rice as a source of livelihood and in turn builds on a network of community engagement.  At times, this comes at a cost to the environment due to reasons such as intensification and climate changes. Her experiences and observations have engaged her interest in continuing to advance her knowledge in environmental issues that are relevant in her local community. Ms. Tran’s cultural upbringing led her to have a deep connection to her heritage, which has made her more receptive and sensitive to issues revolving around social equity and treatment. She hopes to continue her passion for community involvement and social equity, while advocating for environmental issues that exist within our community and beyond. Her more recent endeavors have led her to gain insightful experience for community engagement, program management, along with providing outreach and support to local underserved communities. Aside from work, she is a food enthusiast who loves to eat just as much as she loves to cook, enjoys time by the water, and spending time with her family.