Carolyn Tran

Our Community CarShare Program Manager

Carolyn Tran, an Environmental Studies graduate from California State University, Sacramento has had a paper published in the Sacramento State’s Writing the University Journal. The paper illustrates how traditional cultural knowledge contributes to sustainable management and cultural resiliency. She hopes to continue her passion for community involvement and social equity, and expand her contribution for the advocacy of many relevant environmental issues that exist within our community and beyond. Along with overseeing education and outreach for Breathe’s Our Community CarShare Program, Carolyn has been a cosmetologist for over 12 years. She continues to do hair as a hobby as she believes it brings out the beauty in everyone. Aside from work, she is a food enthusiast who loves to eat just as much as she loves to cook. Carolyn is a proud mother of one, and she enjoys building blanket castles, playing catch and relaxing by the water.