Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive Events

Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive Events

Breathe has partnered with Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) to implement the Ride and Drive program. The program is a partnership with Breathe and the Sacramento City Unified School District, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the Clean Cities Coalition. Our goal is to educate local schools, teachers and the entire community on the affordability and benefit of electric cars and zero-emissions vehicles.

These Ride and Drive events are designed to educate Sacramento about the accessibility, and more importantly the affordability, of zero emissions vehicles. SCUSD teachers already have a baseline awareness about EV’s as their campus has charging infrastructure available on site. Nevertheless, Breathe seeks to expand their knowledge base and raise awareness about vehicles that all people can afford.

Ride and Drive goals:

  • Educate the general public about zero emissions technology.
  • Show that electric vehicles are affordable and easy to use.
  • Give them tools to research rebates that are available in their area.
  • Remove barriers and misconceptions surrounding use of EVs
  • Use incentives to motivate more people to take the survey and drive the cars.

For more information about the Ride and Drive events, please email Nicole Grady at [email protected] or call the BREATHE office at (916) 444-5900.