9th Annual PSA Video Contest
Public Service Announcement Videos – or PSA Videos – are used to create memorable messages that teach the community about something important. This contest calls on youth in 6th – 12th grades to create a PSA video that helps educate our community in Sacramento County on the dangers and impacts of commercial tobacco products. All you need to create your own video is a phone or camera and a good idea! Make your video on your own, or call on some friends to join in!

Deadline to enter the contest: January 13th, 2023

Contest winners will be announced LIVE at our January 27th, 2023, Youth Event!

Ready to submit your video to the contest?  Click here to submit the online entry form!

9th Annual PSA Video Contest

Contest Flyer and Instructions

Check Out Examples of Past Winning Videos!

CO Vaping Awareness –
More than Water Vapor


Don’t Let Tobacco Mute You

7000 Chemicals but
None are Beneficial



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