Q: When and where is the Breathe Bike Trek this year?
A: The 2019 Breathe Bike Trek will be held September 6-8th out of the Petaluma KOA. The KOA is a great facility, located a short distance from Highway 101 at the Old Redwood Highway exit in Petaluma. Their address is 20 Rainsville Road, Petaluma CA, 94952. For more information on the Petaluma KOA, check their website at https://koa.com/campgrounds/san-francisco/.

Q: What is the 2019 registration fee?
A: There is a $40 registration fee from March 1st to June 30th, and a $65 registration fee after July 1st.

Q: Is there a fundraising requirement to ride in the Trek?
A: Yes. The minimum donation for the Trek is $550, in addition to the registration fee. Trekkers who raise at least $1,000 in donations are honored at a special awards dinner and receive a unique “Thank You” gift from Breathe California.
Breathe California makes it easy for you to get started on fundraising! For more detailed fundraising information please see our fundraising section at: https://sacbreathe.org/events/breathe-bike-trek/fundraising-incentives/.

Q: What’s included at the Trek, besides cycling?
A: LOTS! In addition to your campsite, there are three fully catered meals a day, plus a cantina with snacks and adult beverages, including craft beers. The Trek offers massages ($25 for 20 minutes), a DJ for entertainment, a dance and costume contest, and even a campsite decorating contest. The KOA features a large pool with sauna, camp store, kids play area, jump area, climbing wall, and petting zoo. Tent campers will appreciate easy access to bathrooms with flush toilets and hot showers. Not that you’d ever want to leave, but the KOA is conveniently located a short distance from downtown Petaluma, local breweries, and more.

Q: What is a Trek team and how do I form one?
A: You can form your own team with 5 or more people. Forming a team is a great way to corral your friends into joining you on the Trek. It can be made up of your friends, family, coworkers, or a combination of all three. Teams typically camp together, motivate one another to train, and watch out for one another on the road. Some teams create their own t-shirts or jerseys and even plan elaborate campsite decorations.

Q: What is a Team Captain?
A: Each team has a Team Captain who helps organize and motivate the team, participates in free Team Captain breakfasts, receives a team photo and any awards won by the team, and communicates important information about the Trek back to their team mates. If you’re interested in creating a team, please indicate so when you register online, or you can contact the Trek Director, Steve Boswell (Boz), by phone at 916-444-5900 ext. 6#, or via email at [email protected].

Q: Do I have to be on a team to ride in the Trek?
A: No. We have a number of Trekkers who just love the whole Trek experience and participate year-after-year with just a couple of friends. One of our volunteers met his future wife at the Trek and they now have kids together!

Q: How skilled of a cyclist do I need to be?
A: As long as you’re able to comfortably ride around 20 miles with a little bit of hills, you’re ready for the Trek! And, don’t forget, you’ve got months to build up to that distance.
Friday and Saturday include Short Routes of 20-22 miles, Medium Routes of 33-37 miles, and Long Routes of 52-54 miles. Saturday also includes a Metric Century that’s 65 miles long with over 3,700 feet of climbing. Sunday Routes are all shorter so we can eat lunch together before packing up and heading home.

Q: Do I need a road bike for the Trek?
A: No. While most Trekkers do bring road bikes, many also bring hybrids, touring bikes, or an occasional mountain bike. It is totally up to you, so ride whatever bike you are most comfortable with.

Q: What are Training Rides and when are they?
A: The Trek currently has training rides scheduled for Saturday, June 22nd, and Saturday August 10th. Details on the route, starting time, and locations will be published a few weeks before the ride in the Trek Newsletter and on Facebook. In addition, many teams put on their own training rides to get in shape and to build team camaraderie

Q: Are there options other than tent camping?
A: Yes. Some Trekkers stay at cabins, lodges, or in RV spots (with hook-ups) that are rented out by the Petaluma KOA. The KOA is currently holding many of these accommodations for the Trek under the names “Breathe California” and “Breathe American Alliance”, which includes a 10% group discount. To make reservations, call the KOA at 707-763-1492. Their website is https://koa.com/campgrounds/san-francisco/. Some of our Trekkers also stay at local motels or inns but, to experience the Trek in its fullest, we recommend that you stay onsite.

Q: Can I bring a guest who isn’t riding in the Trek?
A: Yes! There are two ways for non-riders to join the fun:
1. For a $150 fee, guests can camp, enjoy fully catered meals, and join in the nightly festivities. Camp guests will need to fill out a special registration form that includes a Waiver of Liability. To make guest arrangements, please contact [email protected].

2. VOLUNTEER!! Volunteers are what makes the Trek such an amazing event, and we always need more of them. There are NO fees if you volunteer and you’ll enjoy helping to make the Trek a great success. You’ll have fun and you’ll leave knowing that you’ve made an important contribution to a great cause. Volunteers can register by clicking on the registration link on the Trek’s website.

Q: Can I arrive late Thursday, so I don’t have to get up and drive so dang early on Friday morning?
A: Yes, and many Trekkers do! Arriving late Thursday allows cyclists the opportunity to get settled in before the big event. Thursday night is also the night that many teams reunite for a Team Dinner at a local restaurant. And, breakfast before your ride starts on Friday morning is also included.
If you’re tent camping, the fee for the extra night of camping is $25, payable to Breathe California and due when you check in for registration. Please notify the Trek Director at [email protected] if you plan to camp on Thursday night. If you’re planning on staying in a KOA cabin, lodge, or RV spot, make sure to contact the KOA well in advance at 707-763-1492 to secure your reservation.

Q: Is there a vegetarian/vegan option for meals?
A: Yes! Please indicate your vegetarian preference when you register and when you check in at the Trek. You’ll be issued a different colored wrist band when you pick up your registration packet and we’ll be sure to save one of those mouth-watering portabella mushrooms for you. If you are vegan make sure to pack some food for yourself, all vegetarian options will not necessarily be vegan but we do have lots of vegan snacks and of course, alcohol.

Q: What if I’m Gluten-free?
A: In addition to fruit, there will be other gluten-free snacks at our Rest Stops. Catered menus in camp are not specifically designed to be gluten-free, so please use your best judgement when selecting menu items.

Q: What if my bike has mechanical problems when I get to the Trek?
A: The Trek has experienced bicycle mechanics available in camp to help with your mechanical needs, from inflating tires to adjusting derailleurs. Out on the road, if you get a flat or throw a chain, our SAG (“Support And Gear”) drivers have the necessary equipment and experience to help with common repairs. They’ll even give you a lift if you really need one.

Q: What are the road conditions like out on the rides?
A: We’ve made well over a dozen trips in the last couple years to check out local road conditions and select the best possible routes. We’ve cross-checked our proposed routes against Sonoma County’s list of repair projects; we even use an online app to report potholes or bad sections of pavement to Sonoma County’s Transportation Department. So, the routes are as good as we can make them.
That means that you’ll be riding on acceptable-to-excellent-quality pavement 95% of the time. Still, you can anticipate a few short segments of road that have numerous patched potholes and may be a bit rough. We use those segments only to connect you to the good roads that we know you’re going to love, or to keep you off segments of roadway with more vehicular traffic. For comfort and safety, recommended tire pressure is in the range of 80-90 psi.

Q: What kind of weather conditions should I expect?
A: Daily high temperatures for Sonoma County in early September average 15-20 degrees cooler than Sacramento. That, in itself, is enough reason to come to the Trek after a long hot summer in the Valley! Evenings cool down rapidly and early mornings can be quite chilly with fog, so come prepared. By the end of summer, you will LOVE the cool down!

Q: What is the theme of this year’s Trek?
A: DISCO!! There wasn’t even a remote second place when we put it to a vote, so we’re expecting to see lots of bell bottoms and dazzling dance moves when Saturday night rolls around! Please don’t disappoint us.

Q: Can I bring my kids to the Trek?
A: Yes. That said, the Trek is an adult-oriented event and doesn’t make specific plans to accommodate children. Young children in attendance must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while you’re out riding or if you’re busy serving as a volunteer. Children must be at least 13 years old to ride in the Trek, and the same registration and fundraising requirements apply if they’re riding. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Q: Can I bring my dog or cat to the Trek?
A: Yes, with restrictions. Cats must remain inside your RV or cabin, or inside a pet carrier. Dogs must remain inside your RV or cabin, except when outside on a leash. The park does have a dog park. Some cabins and lodges are approved for animals and others are not, so it’s best to contact the KOA if you plan on bringing a pet. ALL dogs in the Pitbull family are prohibited in the park.

Q: Have another question?
A: The Trek will send a packet to each registered Trekker and Volunteer in advance of the Trek to answer questions you may have on menus, camp schedules, recommended camping gear, etc. In the mean-time, you can email your questions to [email protected]. If it’s a hum-dinger, we’ll add it here to our FAQ pages.


Contact Steve Boswell by phone at 916 444 5900 ext. 217 or via email at [email protected].