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Air Quality

Breathe is bringing clean transportation and electric vehicles to as many people as possible, especially those in disadvantaged communities. We are bringing air quality awareness to people by advocating for electric cars, food waste and recycling programs and pedestrian friendly land use.

Our Community Car Share

Our Community CarShare is a community pilot program by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District designed to bring electric vehicles to people in a diverse range of communities.

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Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive

The Ride and Drive program goal is to educate local schools and teachers on the affordability and benefit of electric cars and zero-emissions vehicles.

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Food Waste Recycling

Methane emissions from landfills account for about 14% of all toxin emissions in the US. Our Food Waste Recycling Program aims to cut down on these emissions and educate future generations to continue the work.

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Clean Air Partnership

The Cleaner Air Partnership (CAP) is a unique collaboration between Breathe California – Sacramento, the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Valley Vision.

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Cleaner Air Policy

At Breathe, our air quality policy is guided by our Clean Air Agenda. Conceptualized in 2002, this ongoing agenda keeps Breathe on track as we make progress.

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