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Organics Recying


The Organics Recycling program (formerly School to Fuel) launched in 2014, aimed at improving our local air quality by working with schools to collect food waste and convert that food waste into clean natural gas and electricity.

Why Is Recycling Food Waste Important?

Americans, on average, waste 20 pounds of food every day. Not only can we prevent food waste from ending-up in the landfill preventing the release of methane gas into the atmosphere (a contributor to climate change), but we can divert that waste from the landfill to a local closed-system anaerobic digester for conversion into clean fuel and electricity – improving the air we all breathe.

How Does The Program Work?

Breathe mediates the process of adding a food waste bin with local waste haulers and coordinates with school districts. Breathe provides waste audits, training, materials, and support throughout the process.

Who Can Participate?

Any elementary school in Sacramento County. However, funding is limited to a small number of sites during the program’s pilot year.

How Can I Get My School Involved?

Contact Katie Cox by phone at 916 444 5900 ext. 213 or via email at


Contact Katie Cox by phone at 916 444 5900 ext. 213 or via email at