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Our Community CarShare

What is Our Community CarShare?

Our Community CarShare is a community pilot program by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to make electric vehicles available for free to members of the community to assist in daily local travels. The mission of Our Community CarShare is to improve public health, strengthen the economy, and provide transportation services to under-served communities in the City of Sacramento. Breathe works closely with state agencies and local organizations to increase public awareness, ease implementation, and foster interest in clean air technology. The program is funded by the California Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (CCGRF) to reduce emissions and promote electric vehicles as a more responsible mode of transportation.

Why use CarShare Sacramento?

Our Community CarShare Sacramento aims to promote different forms of transportation with a low carbon footprint.

It is vital to connect people who are looking for alternative means of transportation with a heavy focus on community engagement and responsibility. Since the CarShare is a free, membership-based project, community members can use the cars for everyday transit throughout the Sacramento Region. For example, parents can schedule their children’s pediatrician visit, friends can carpool to local recreation destinations, and families can use the cars for weekly errand runs.

For more information on the CarShare program, contact Katie Cox by email at or by calling the Breathe office at (916)444-5900.