Kori Titus, CEO

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 210 or email ktitus@sacbreathe.org

Prior to becoming CEO, Ms. Titus was Director of Policy and Communication at Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails (BREATHE), responsible for tobacco policy, including nationwide efforts designed to find solutions to the problem of tobacco use in entertainment productions, clean air advocacy and education, and communications activities of the association. She has been on staff at BREATHE since 1999 and was a volunteer for two years prior to that. She has been responsible for managing statewide projects, serves on national coalitions and has been an international consultant. She has more than 25 years of marketing and management experience in a variety of industries and holds two degrees from UC Davis, a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Communications and an MBA from the Graduate School of Management.

Renata Atayeva, Program Manager

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 218 or email ratayeva@sacbreathe.org

Renata Atayeva received her BA in Government from California State University, Sacramento. She started her BREATHE journey in 2006 when she became a member of the Youth Advisory Board and the Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Project as a sophomore in high school. She developed a passion for volunteering and sharing the importance of the clean air, healthy lungs, and a tobacco-free future with her peers. Upon entering college she was offered an internship with the Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Project and was excited to continue her work at BREATHE. While interning for BREATHE she also pursued her passion for public health. She worked for University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources 4-H Program and Molina Healthcare where she continued her passion of working with teens who shared their views about health and healthcare solutions for themselves and their schools and communities. She finished her internship with BREATHE in 2014 and is now a program manager.

Kimberly Bankston-Lee, Senior Program Director, STAND Projects

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 211 or email klee@sacbreathe.org

Kimberly Bankston-Lee is the Senior Program Director for Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails’s Sacramento Taking Action against Nicotine Dependence (STAND Project). Ms. Bankston-Lee received her Bachelor of Science in Health and Safety Studies with an emphasis in Community Health Planning from CSU Sacramento and has 17 years of experience planning, developing and implementing tobacco control programs. She works with restaurateurs, the rental housing industry, community colleges and trade schools, and government agencies to adopt smoke-free policies and ordinances. She has developed numerous educational materials and campaigns such as policy tool kits, guides for adopting smoke-free policies, pamphlets, brochures and post cards on various tobacco issues and products Ms. Bankston-Lee is also trained as a cessation facilitator and motivational interviewer and has helped countless tobacco users with quitting. She is currently the Co-Principal Investigator for a pilot research project testing efficacy of smoking cessation for college students, through a partnership with UC Davis Medical Center. Her personal mission is to help end tobacco addiction through individual behavior, policy and systems change by collaborating with diverse individuals, communities and organizations.

Katie Cox, Sr. Youth Programs Manager

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 213 or email kcox@sacbreathe.org

Katie Cox is the Sr. Youth Programs Manager at Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails (BREATHE). After graduating from Sonoma State with a degree in English Literature, Katie realized her true passion was for public lands preservation, natural resource advocacy and youth based environmental education. Katie spent 2013-15 completing coursework in the Environment & Community graduate studies program at Humboldt State University. Her thesis research investigated barriers to increased participation in backcountry recreation and the environmental movement among communities of color. It was through this research project that she realized the extent that social and environmental justice issues are related to issues of public health. Secondarily, her work offers suggestions to increase the efficacy youth programing and curricula. If not in the office, you might find Katie with her German Shepard ‘Scout Finch’, hunting for agates, trekking through wilderness, peak bagging or fly-fishing for steelhead on a remote river.

Raquel Lopez, Office Manager

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 208 or email rlopez@sacbreathe.org

Raquel Lopez is the Office Manager at Breathe California and has been with the organization for over 40 years. As office manager for the agency, her responsibilities include working the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, helping with all the fundraising events, and managing the building. She also works with the Controller on personnel functions. In her spare time, she helps at the family restaurant, loves to cook diverse dishes, and be with her family which includes her husband, two sons and two dogs.

Rod Malloy, Director of Development

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 214 or email rmalloy@sacbreathe.org

With roots in Connecticut and New York, Rod has guided non-profit organizations across the United States, raising over $20 million on behalf of at-risk children, human trafficking victims, homeless Veterans and nature conservation causes. Rod embraces the leadership and fundraising roles he has been entrusted with representing BREATHE California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. “Clean air and water are critical to the existence of all living things and we as human beings have the unique responsibility to protect and conserve the air we breathe,” he commented. “Every woman and man has the choice every moment to do something to insure we all continue to breathe clean air with healthy lungs.” A professional public speaker, Rod inspires audiences on topics ranging from natural history to future reality, with special emphasis on nature studies, air, water and land conservation, social media, civic pride, technological culture and the environment.

Jenny Matchell, Program and Events Manager

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 217 or email jmatchell@sacbreathe.org

Jenny Matchell is the Program and Events Manager for Breathe California of Sacramento – Emigrant Trails (BREATHE). She received a BS in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Environmental Sciences from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Working as a volunteer to rescue sick and injured marine animals at the Marine Mammal Center sparked her interest in the connection between people and the environment. She would go on to volunteer with other organizations in Hawaii and California that study the effects of tourism on marine mammal behavior. Since returning to Sacramento 10 years ago, Jenny has continued her connection with people and the environment on a different platform. As a special event planner and small business owner, Jenny has been able to combine her passion for putting on exemplary events with her love of the great outdoors and physical fitness. Jenny joined the BREATHE team because preserving the air quality in this region is important to her as an avid runner and as a fourth generation Sacramento native.

Carol Maytum, MPH, Program Manager II, STAND Projects

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 206 or email cmaytum@sacbreathe.org

Carol Maytum has worked in the public health arena for 25 years. Carol joined the BREATHE team in 2013. Before joining BREATHE, Carol had been working as a Public Health Consultant managing her own firm, for the past 15 years. She has assisted several Sacramento nonprofits to develop, maintain, and expand their capacity to deliver quality services in an effective and efficient manner. As Program Manager for the Sacramento Taking Action against Nicotine Dependence (STAND) Project, Carol works to improve the health and quality of life for students at local community colleges and universities. Being involved in policy activities that can make long term change in community health is very rewarding. Day to day Carol endeavors to bring about change that will positively impact our business, social and educational infrastructure through innovative programs and successful partnerships. Carol earned her Bachelors of Science from Arizona State University and her Master of Public Health from UCLA. She is registered as a Fundraising Counselor with the California Office of the State Attorney General. She also volunteers with the Behavioral and Social Science Volunteer (BSSV) Program, an affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

Gi-Diep Nguyen, Controller

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 203 or email gnguyen@sacbreathe.org

Gi-Diep Nguyen has over 26 years’ experience in the accounting field both in private and non-profit organizations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Applied Mathematics and Operation Research and received her MBA at Golden Gate University. In the 14 years with BREATHE, she has been in charge of the accounting and personnel functions. As the controller for the agency, her responsibilities include preparing the treasurer’s report for the Board of Directors, preparing finance reports for all grant managers, tracking grant and core budgets, and oversees part of the agency’s investment. Ms. Nguyen also manages the employee payroll and benefits as well as all insurance requirements for the agency. In addition, she assists the CEO in the process of budgeting and forecasting yearly income and expenses. Her duties include the internal grant auditing and preparation for the yearly audit. BREATHE has received excellent audit results every year since she has been with the agency.

Stacy Springer, Senior Manager, Breathe Bike Trek

Contact: (916) 444-5900 ext. 209 or email sspringer@sacbreathe.org

Stacy Springer has worked for philanthropic, non-profit agencies since 1993. A graduate from UC Davis with a major in English and an emphasis in Japanese, Stacy’s interests initially led her to the field of education where she worked first as a teacher abroad and, ultimately, as the Admissions Director for an international private school in Florida. Stacy learned that the funding needs of most education institutions, both public and private, were great and not always supported by tuition or tax dollars. She began organizing fundraising events to help procure facilities and services for the schools in which she worked. Moving back to Sacramento in 2007 Stacy became involved in her three children’s elementary school, fundraising to provide the school’s classrooms with cutting edge white board technology. From there Stacy’s path took a turn to environmental non-profit where she worked five years for the American River Parkway Foundation organizing fundraising events and managing volunteer programs along the parkway. Native to Sacramento, Stacy grew up enjoying the parkway and was thrilled to now have the opportunity to manage programs dedicated to preserving ‘Sacramento’s Jewel’. Organizing biking, running and other parkway events, Stacy was introduced to another side of non-profit—the health side. As many of her volunteers were parkway users, enjoying the outdoors for health reasons, Stacy developed an interest in the marriage between health and the environment. As a senior manager now at BREATHE, and the coordinator for their largest annual fundraiser, the Breathe Bike Trek, Stacy continues to use her fundraising and program management skills to forward BREATHE’s philanthropic goal of clean air, healthy lungs and tobacco free living. Her greatest joy is working with outdoor enthusiasts who are committed to improving our region’s quality of life.

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