Breathe Student Volunteers Earn National Recognition


Local Student Research Drives The Recent Analysis And Recommendation By 17 Major Public Health Groups To Apply An R-Rating To Movies With Tobacco Imagery

For Release: August 30, 2017

This week, a coalition of 17 of the nation’s most influential health and medical groups sent a letter to film industry leaders demanding that they give an R-rating to all films that have depictions of smoking or tobacco. These groups include: the American Academy of Pediatrics; the American Academy of Family Physicians; the American Medical Association; the American Cancer Society; and the American Heart Association.

Locally, the non-profit organization Breathe California Sacramento Region has been instrumental in this effort because of their ongoing research on the amount, portrayal, and context of tobacco use in new movies. For over 20 years, Breathe California has organized this research and trained Sacramento area student volunteers how to collect data on tobacco in movies, under a program called “Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!”. The students’ years of research is used by many public health and medical organizations, including: the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the University of California at San Francisco; and the US Surgeon General.