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Breathe Youth Media Awards

#BeTheFirst Tobacco-Free Generation Video Contest Rules

This Year’s Theme

#BeTheFirst: What would it be like if your generation were the first to be tobacco-free?

More specific ways of addressing the topic could include addressing:

  • E-cigarettes, vaping, hookah, cigarillos and any emerging form of tobacco
  • The influence of smoking in movies
  • How the tobacco industry targets youth
  • Flavored tobacco, including menthol
  • How to make healthy decisions about tobacco
  • Secondhand smoke

This Year’s Categories

  • BeTheFunniest: the most comical depiction of youth choosing not to smoke
  • BeTheBoldest: the most dramatic or cinematic depiction of youth choosing not to smoke
  • BeTheRealest: the most realistic or informative depiction of youth choosing not to smoke
  • Viewer’s Choice: the video with the most views on YouTube before the BYMA ceremony
  • People’s Choice: the video with the most votes during the BYMA ceremony


Videos will be judged in the above categories on their creativity, originality, clarity, impact, adherence to the theme and overall appeal.


In the BeTheFunniest, BeTheBoldest, and BeTheRealest categories, middle school and high school entries will have three winners each, for a total of six prizes:

  • 1st place winner: $300
  • 2nd place winner: $200
  • 3rd place winner; $100

In the Viewer’s Choice and People’s Choice categories, there will be one $300 winner each.

Contest Timeline

  • Contest start: October 5, 2017
  • Submission deadline: January 31th, 2018 @ 5 PM, PDT
  • Winners announced: February 25, 2018 at the Breathe Youth Media Awards event

Participants and Teams

Each Team:

  • May be an individual or a group
  • Must be in middle or high school
  • Must pick a Team Contact who will submit their contact information with their Team’s video
  • Must pick a unique, creative Team Name to differentiate their Team from others. If the Team Name is too generic (such as the name of their school), Breathe will ask the Team Contact to choose a new name. If the Team Name is inappropriate, the Team may be disqualified at Breathe’s discretion.

Each Team Member:

  • Grants Breathe California Sacramento Region the right to use their names, photographs, and submissions for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes
  • Agrees to abide by these contest rules and guidelines and the decisions of our judges
  • Is invited to attend the Breathe Youth Media Awards


General requirements

Videos must:

  • Be either 30 seconds or 60 seconds in length
  • Have an anti-tobacco/anti-nicotine message
  • Be the original work of the Team Members

Videos must not:

  • Include any inappropriate or copyrighted music, imagery, or language
  • Include actual use of a tobacco product or vape. Actual use of a tobacco product will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Include identifiable branding. Prop tobacco products or packages must be generic.

Technical information

  • Videos should be in .mp4 format and less than 100mb in size

How to Submit Your Video