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Clean Air Awards Nomination

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Nomination Guidelines

Clean Air Awards Nominations are due January 31, 2018.

Who is eligible for a Clean Air Award Nomination?

Businesses, groups and individuals are eligible for nomination. Individuals could include, but are not limited to:  Business and Community Leaders, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers, Family Members, Teachers, Students, etc. Groups could include, but are not limited to:  Businesses, Non-profit Organizations,Community Groups, Youth Groups, Government Agencies, Clubs and Service Organizations, Public and Private Agencies, Schools, etc.

Award Categories

The categories are included to help guide your responses; however, it is not necessary for the Blue Ribbon Panel to choose a winner from each category. Multiple winners can be chosen from one category, for example.


Sustainability Award Nominees are those who are actively implementing sustainable practices that result in improved outdoor air quality, e.g.:

  • Implementing Smart Growth Principles
  • Completing Energy Efficiency Retrofits
  • Utilizing alternative fuel vehicles in fleets


Leadership Award Nominees are those who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in working toward improved outdoor air quality in a neighborhood, local community, city or county, e.g.:

  • Working with elected officials to spearhead a new policy or change in an existing policy that will reduce air pollution
  • Creating an air pollution reduction program for students & parents at a school or college campus
  • Motivating the public or employees to adopt more air-friendly behaviors

Innovative Strategy

Innovative Strategy Award Nominees are those who have stepped outside of “business as usual” practices to improve outdoor air quality, e.g.:

  • Developing and/or implementing an innovative or cutting-edge policy, process or technology that efficiently contributes to decreasing outdoor air pollution

Education and Outreach

Nominees in Education and Outreach are those whose efforts provide education and training in air quality best practices, e.g.:

  • Implementing a program or outreach effort designed to inspire others to make changes that positively affect air quality

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader Award is a special accolade given to an individual in the Sacramento region who has made a significant impact on air quality and who has demonstrated the potential for leadership and continued service.

  • Nominees must be young professionals in the Sacramento region between the ages of 20-40 as of July 1, 2017
  • Nominees must be local to the Sacramento area for a minimum of two years by July 1, 2017
  • Nominees must have demonstrated leadership experience and contributions to their field
  • Positive impacts on the region’s air quality must be demonstrated.


To submit a nomination for a 2018 Clean Air Award, please fill in the form below.  Please provide as much concise information/data as possible.  The information you provide will be the basis for consideration and the wording in your nomination may be used as text for the award presentation.  Supplemental information can also be sent to Stacy Springer at

Thank you for helping identify Clean Air Champions in our region!