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Measure B, The Road Maintenance and Traffic Relief Act, is a countywide half-cent transportation sales tax that will appear on the November 2016 ballot. If approved by voters, Measure B, would raise $3.6 billion over 30 years to repave streets, repair bridges, and enhance safe and efficient public transit to increase options for transit users and take cars off the roads. Measure B will also improve access and safety for pedestrians and bicycles and invest in infrastructure to improve air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

In order to take effect, Measure B needs to be approved by two-thirds of voters this fall. The measure would provide a stable source of local revenue that could help attract state and federal matching transportation funds.

The Measure B Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) outlines how funds will be allocated for all modes of transportation throughout Sacramento County. The measure prioritizes “Fix it First” investments to address the backlog of maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

Other transportation projects the City of Sacramento could pursue under Measure B include a new American River bridge that will serve all modes of transportation and may bring Light Rail into Natomas and beyond, separated bikeways in downtown Sacramento, and a City Master Bike Plan that would work to connect communities and neighborhoods.

Measure B includes accountability provisions, including Sacramento Transportation Authority annual audits and the creation of an Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee. For more information about the projects that would be funded by Measure B and additional background on the issue, please visit the SacramentoGo website.

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