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Bob Roehrs

Bob Roehrs is someone who is very dear to the Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails’ family. At 88 years old, he has participated in the Breathe Bike Trek for nearly four decades and cycled over 2,500 miles to raise funds for BCSET’s lung health programs in Sacramento. In 2016 alone, Bob raised $10,500, making him the highest Trek fundraiser of all time.

Bob Roehrs

What makes his accomplishments even more impressive is the fact that Bob has a condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a progressive disease that makes it difficult to breathe. Not wanting others to suffer from the same condition, all the funds that he has raised will establish the Bob Roehrs COPD fund, allowing BCSET to rename and expand the “Asthma Collaborative” to the “Lung Health Collaborative” and to offer the community COPD programs for the first time ever.

Bob’s passion for giving everyone the opportunity to breathe easier and better is evidenced by his dedication to cycling. He volunteers as a bike patrol in his River Park neighborhood. At a couple of past Breathe Bike Treks he changed out his bicycle for an electric bike when breathing became too difficult. Although the 30th Anniversary Breathe Bike Trek was probably his final trek with BCSET, his legacy will continue with the Bob Roehrs COPD fund. We love you Bob!

Written by Stacy Springer, Trek Manager.

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