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A new gateway to support Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails (Breathe California) will be launched in July, 2016 - the Breathe Deep sustainable giving program. With our new Breathe Deep electronic funds transfer (EFT) program you can make automatic monthly contributions to sustain Breathe California’s clean air and lung health programs. Many donors in the United States are moving to this form of sustainable giving. Today, you can make monthly gifts to Breathe California using your credit or debit card, but with the new EFT transfer program in July, all of your gift will support Breathe California, eliminating credit and debit card bank fees. If you are interested in signing up for this program, please email Rod Malloy.

Sustainable giving features clear benefits for you and for Breathe California:

  1. 1) You set up gift payments as monthly EFTs from your bank accounts, we do the rest. Simply by providing the day of the month you want to make your gift, the amount of your recurring gift and your bank account information, you can enroll in our Breathe Deep sustainable giving program. Breathe Deep giving is the best way to give - providing steady support for clean air and healthy lungs for everyone, reducing paper use, and eliminating all credit or debit card processing fees. For a monthly Breathe Deep gift you'll use your bank's routing number and your account number. Signing up will be easy.
  2. 2) Imagine a giving world where you are thanked 10 x more than you are asked. When you Breathe Deep with sustainable giving to Breathe California, you will receive thank you messages with updates on your gift in action throughout the year. Fewer requests to give means you will receive more updates on the difference you are making.
  3. 3) Make a bigger impact on our region’s air quality and overall health. Regular gifts made over a longer period of time grow exponentially in terms of total impact. While a one-time gift might allow us to provide one free asthma clinic in a vulnerable neighborhood, sustaining gifts allow us to offer more comprehensive asthma services in several neighborhoods.

You can support Breathe California by signing up as a team captain, participant or volunteer for the 30th Anniversary Breathe Bike Trek today.

Bike Trek

This is one of the premier biking events in our region, with thousands of participants over the past three decades. You can raise the $400 cycling participation fee simply by asking 20 of your friends to support your ride with $20 gifts to Breathe California, or asking ten friends to support you with $40 gifts. The ‘friends asking friends’ component of the Breathe Bike Trek is easy to use and it is a critical component to the success of this annual event. Learn more about our most popular and well-loved event here. If you have questions regarding the Breathe Bike Trek please contact Stacy Springer by phone at 916-444-5900 x 213 or via email at sspringer@sacbreathe.org.

Volunteers contribute heavily to the success of the Trek. Many volunteers have been with us for over ten years. Most of the volunteer positions require a three-day commitment. If you have questions regarding your area of volunteer interest or the time commitment please contact Jenny Matchell by phone at 916-444-5900 x 217 or via email at jmatchell@sacbreathe.org.

Technology gives us the information and vehicles to do so many things we envisioned decades ago.

You can provide support for clean air and healthy lungs automatically. Sustainability is now our priority. Repurposing, restoring, reusing and recycling everything from food to water, even air, is becoming our way of life. Giving to Breathe California empowers year-round clean air and lung health programs throughout the Sacramento region.

Soon, all higher education institutions in our region will be smoke and vape free thanks to the dedicated work of our anti-tobacco efforts.

Tobacco debris remains the #1 litter item on our streets and neighborhoods. We recently celebrated a major achievement with the State of California’s decision to raise the age limit for tobacco products to 21 years of age; however, tobacco advertising continues to bombard consumers at convenience stores. Packaging and cigarette butts from those sales end up on our streets and pollute our waterways, compounding the polluted air caused by the act of smoking and vaping. The fight against tobacco has come a long way in the past 30 years, but we still have a long way to go, with new challenges from e-cigarettes, vaping and nicotine candy products advertised to children. Your gifts support our tobacco control efforts to protect youth.

Children in local schools benefit from the environmental education programs of Breathe California.

Food Waste Recycling School

The amount of food waste the U.S. produces is staggering. The good news is, recycling food waste is a becoming more and more of a priority and is now a legal obligation for large farms and meal providers. Assembly Bill 1826 requires large businesses to arrange for recycling services for their organic waste and to report on their progress in implementing an organic waste recycling program. Breathe California is positioned to help local schools and businesses achieve this important air protection waste diversion objective thanks to our years of work with the School to Fuel program. In just half of a school year at American Lakes Elementary School in Natomas, over 20 tons of food waste was diverted by students and recycled into clean methane gas.

Technological advances fuel local recycling, repurposing, reusing and restoring projects. Breathe California continues to be at the forefront of this technology evolution. Each step to start an organic waste landfill diversion and recycling program will have significant impacts on our local air quality, allowing all of us to breathe easy with clean, smoke-free air. Equally important, raising a generation of clean air and environmental stewards is some of the most vital work your gifts to Breathe California support.

Written by Rod Malloy, Director of Development at Breathe California Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. If you have questions about the sustainable giving program or how to support Breathe, please contact Rod at 916-444-5900 x 214 or rmalloy@sacbreathe.org.

About Rod: With roots in Connecticut and New York, Rod has guided non-profit organizations across the United States, raising over $20 million on behalf of at-risk children, human trafficking victims, homeless Veterans and nature conservation causes. Rod embraces the leadership and fundraising roles he has been entrusted with representing BREATHE California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. “Clean air and water are critical to the existence of all living things and we as human beings have the unique responsibility to protect and conserve the air we breathe,” he commented. “Every woman and man has the choice every moment to do something to insure we all continue to breathe clean air with healthy lungs.” A professional public speaker, Rod inspires audiences on topics ranging from natural history to future reality, with special emphasis on nature studies, air, water and land conservation, social media, civic pride, technological culture and the environment.

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