Neni, a thoughtful and earth conscious second grader, has loved participating in the O24U program. Her family already goes lengths to take care of the environment and is thrilled to see Neni learning to take personal ownership of her world. Neni does her part by re-using bottles to carry things. She uses bottles of all shapes and sizes for a myriad of different activities including catching and releasing bugs she finds indoors. Neni feels clean air is important because “if the air got too dirty we would not be able to be survive… If we breathe in bad things we will end up dying.” She was excited to share with her mother the different options for safe homemade cleaners that avoid using harsh chemicals. She and her mother even experimented making a scented cleaner with natural herbs like rosemary and lavender. In the future, Neni “hopes to see people recycling as much as possible and better transportation for the environment.”

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