Nancy and Kelly

Nancy attended the asthma class to learn more about the respiratory disease her 7 year-old daughter, Kelly, suffers from. Kelly suffers from exercise-induced asthma when she participates in any form of physical activity. Kelly has experienced three asthma attacks so far, two at school and one at home. When Nancy saw her daughter struggling to breathe and feeling faint for the first time, she naturally panicked and immediately contacted her doctor. After attending the asthma class, Nancy feels that she has the tools to help her recognize an asthma attack. Now she knows that she needs to stay calm in order to calm her daughter down. The class has taught her that sitting up is better for her daughter during an attack rather than lying down, and she feels more confident overall in going forward to being able to help her daughter. Nancy strongly recommends that all parents of children suffering from asthma attend the class so they can identify the triggers and learn how to respond to an asthma attack.

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