Louis the Athlete

At just 2 years-old, Louis was diagnosed with asthma, but it wasn't until elementary school that he began to understand what asthma was. When Louis was in school, students’ medications were held by the school nurse and students were not allowed to have their inhalers on them. Asthma had a negative stigma and was viewed as an excuse for kids to get out of physical activity. While his classmates were enjoying recess and physical education, Louis frequently had to sit off to the side and hide his asthma attacks. He felt embarrassed to use his inhaler. Despite the stigma and lack of support he felt at school, Louis didn't let asthma control his life. With help from his family, he learned to manage his asthma through a prevention medication plan and a vegan diet, and even played Little-League baseball for 10 years. He was able to do anything others could do. Louis became a skilled skateboarder, snowboarder, and surfer - and has even skated with a number of professional athletes over the years. Louis earned his MBA from Sacramento State and even with his growing family and career, Louis still finds time to jump on his skateboard and be active. He remembers how difficult it was for his mother to watch him struggle and feel helpless during asthma attacks. Louis’s message to other parents is that it’s normal to feel that way; as long as you learn how to manage the symptoms and have a preventive medication and nutrition plan in place, your child will be okay.

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