Katie Valenzuela Garcia

Katie, an energetic advocate for change, grew up in Oildale, CA, an area plagued by air pollution. Having suffered from asthma her entire life, Katie is very aware of how the air quality in her hometown and in Sacramento affects her health. When it comes to her work at BREATHE, Katie says “the ability to pair asthma work and clean air advocacy made a lot of sense to me”. Katie loves living in Sacramento and decided to stay here after grad school because she feels that she can make a difference here. Katie loves thinking strategically when it comes to community outreach. For example during just one hour-long BREATHE asthma class “we have a nurse or doctor tell [parents] what to look for and you see the light bulb go off in their heads and they can go out in their communities and disperse the information even more.” Katie thinks that Sacramento has “a lot of political awareness and funding to create real changes, which can serve as a model for other communities trying to create change as well. Overall every little change matters, whether it is being aware of what idling in your car does to the environment or being able to recognize the signs of asthma.”

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