Kori Titus

Raised in an environmentally conscious family in the Bay Area, Kori’s life mission is inextricably linked to BREATHE’s. “My dad was a two-pack a day smoker, and I was anti-tobacco from the time I could talk. I once asked if I was going to get a new daddy when he died from smoking.” Her passion for lung health became even more personal when her daughter was diagnosed with asthma. “We don’t have any family indicators, so I’m convinced she developed asthma because of our polluted environment.” Kori first met and fell in love with BREATHE during her UC Davis MBA program, when she took a nonprofit management class taught by her predecessor Jane Hagedorn. “I was impressed not only by all the amazing things BREATHE does, but also by how well it was run.” 15 years later, Kori still loves coming into work every day to make the world a healthier place.

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