Frances Muenzer

A native Angeleno, compassionate artist and environmentalist, Frances first realized she wanted to make a difference in nonprofits while working on a documentary about the Los Angeles River. “It opened my eyes to the impact that our decisions have. Channelizing the river had devastating consequences for that whole region. Learning what was going on where I grew up made me really care. It’s not right that the wealthier you are, the easier it is to be healthy." Frances attended UC Davis and became enamored with our bikeable, walkable region, and leapt at the opportunity to ride her bike to work every day at BREATHE. She’s excited to help BREATHE engage our communities through her art and design background. “I think everyone has a right to have clean, healthy, tobacco-free air. I want to be a mother someday, and I don’t want my kids to inherit a planet where breathing clean, healthy air is a privilege and not a basic human right!”

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Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails is committed to the fight for clean air, healthy lungs and a tobacco-free future in Northern California.

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