Caleb is 8 years old and astronomy and chemistry are his favorite things in the whole world. In O24u, he learns about why it’s important to have clean air and clean power sources, as well as why it’s important to monitor the air quality during the summer. Caleb also learns about the effects of air pollution on our lungs and says, “when the air is not healthy, people get sick and it pollutes our lungs. Also, air pollution is really bad for people who are already sick.” At home, Caleb and his family reuse as much as they can and have skylights so they don’t need as much electricity. They only water their plants once a week, keep buckets in the shower to collect water, and limit their showers to a few minutes. In his clean city of the future, Caleb would like to see people using solar and wind power, and especially water power, since “dams can run through the night.”

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