Carol Maytum

Growing up in Calgery, Alberta Canada, Carol’s mother constantly smoked tobacco. Carol remembers being hot-boxed in their car during long drives, and somehow getting used to it. After more than fifty years of smoking, her mother developed esophageal cancer. “It took over her whole body. She had tumors in her throat so she couldn’t eat. I watched her starve. It was devastating not only to lose her, but to feel powerless because I couldn’t get her to stop.” As a health professional and mom to 18-year old twins, Carol doesn’t want anyone to experience what she went through. That’s why at BREATHE, she’s devoted to empowering others to make high level policy change that impacts many people rather than one person at a time. Her message to fellow advocates? “Don’t sit by passively when it comes to your health being impacted by others. Have a voice!”

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