Ana and Her Three Children

In Ana’s family, three out of her four children have asthma. Ana has asthma herself, but her children are her main concern. Ana’s oldest son Julio (20), was the first to get diagnosed when he developed a persistent cough. Her other two kids, Isabel (17) and Francisco (10), were diagnosed the same way. Although Julio seems to be doing okay nowadays, Isabel and Francisco still suffer when they are physically active outside or there is a weather change. The biggest concern for Ana is when her kids leave for school, especially her youngest, because they need to take medication multiple times a day. Ana has attended two asthma classes, and has learned something new each time. For instance, during her second class, she learned that aspirin may worsen asthma symptoms in children. Not only does she feel more comfortable caring for a house full of asthmatics, she encourages all parents with asthmatic children to attend the classes. She strongly believes in the Parent Asthma Classes and would like to see more of them.

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